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** Attention Coaches: This training course is designed for certified and soon-to-be certified coaches who want quality clients and higher coaching income but feel overwhelmed by branding, marketing and "the business of attracting business".

Easily Attract High-Paying Coaching Clients & Banish The "Business Ownership Overwhelm" So That You Confidently Make A Bigger Impact In More Peoples' Lives

Why Go It Alone When You Can Be Mentored By Pros?! Million Dollar iPEC Coach, Marni Battista, And Her Expert Team Will Hold Your Hand Throughout the Entire Learning Curve. Leverage This Entire "Been There, Done That SUCCESSFULLY" Blueprint For Your Coaching Business!

Do You Want To Know (With TOTAL CLARITY)
How To...

  • Identify Your Coaching Niche Once & For All

  • Design Your Signature Coaching System

  • Deliver Coaching Programs At Rates You Deserve

  • Build Your Streamlined Coaching Website

  • Make Passive Income With Low-Cost Coaching Products

  • Set Up Your Marketing Funnel & Automated Online Systems

  • Leverage Social Media To Attract Clients & Referrals

  • Write Articles, Ebooks & Blogs That Convert To Leads

  • Garner A Rabid List Of Email Subscribers Who Forward Your Newsletters To Friends & Family (Passive Marketing For You)

  • Run Successful Coaching Teleclasses & Group Coaching Calls

  • Convert Prospects Into Clients Without Being Too Salesy

  • Know Exactly Where To Spend Your Time Most Effectively

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes Even Seasoned Coaches Are Making

  • Clear Out Any Gremlins In Your Mind Keeping You From "Putting Yourself Out There In The World"

  • Be Mentored By Certified Coaches Who Actually Run Coaching Practices & Know Exactly What It's Like To Be In Your Shoes

  • Become A Coach Who Gets Paid Really Well To Transform People's Lives...

Yes Please Confident Coach Blueprint with Marni Battista IPEC

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Marni’s the real deal with a proven approach...
Luke Iorio, CEO of IPEC

Marni Battista fully leveraged everything we provided her at IPEC, and then shaped a dynamic business with powerful, unique brands. If you’re a coach looking to skyrocket your business, then Marni’s the real deal with a proven approach that you want fueling you."
-- Luke Iorio

Marni is a powerful leader and her [programs] create powerhouse coaches.
Lisa Sasevich

I recently shared my 'Speak To Sell' secrets for Marni Battista's Confident Coaches... and I have to say: she could not have named this program more perfectly. Every coach in this group was laser-focused and crystal clear about who and how they are serving the world with their unique coaching brilliance. Marni is a powerful leader and her [programs] create powerhouse coaches."
-- Lisa Sasevich
CEO of Speak To Sell Bootcamp, The Invisible Close

Marni Battista, Founder of Dating With Dignity

From the Desk Of Marni Battista
Monday, January 22, 2018

Dear Fellow Coach,

I remember when I graduated from IPEC coach certification very excited to build a life around helping people. I was totally excited.

And totally overwhelmed.

Who was going to teach me how to run a real business? I was coached to coach people, but I certainly wasn't trained in entrepreneurship!

In fact, I'd just transitioned out of my former career as a pre-school teacher. Teaching tykes how to avoid putting glue in their mouths was not exactly great preparation for doing my own branding and marketing and website designing and blog writing and facebook advertising and emailing newsletters and lead generating and OH MY GOD THE LIST JUST GOES ON AND ON, right!?

Countless times I wanted to cry and hide in my bathroom, I felt so incredibly overwhelmed and confused and, dare I say, ignorant.

I can't remember how many times I shouted, "If only there were a blueprint or a training video for all this!"

And, of course, the debt from my certification investment was looming there, staring me in the face as if it were asking me: "So, you were going to make some actual income from that coaching certificate, right?"

Maybe you're in the same shoes I was in. You might be wishing you had someone to "just tell me what to freakin' do" so that you could spend less time sitting PARALYZED in front of your computer, distracting yourself with emails and Facebook and wondering what will actually get you business... and MORE TIME COACHING people to transform their paradigms and, ultimately, their lives.

I want you to know, I've been there. And I've finally created that blueprint we in the coaching community have been begging for!!

Behind the scenes of my main coaching brand, Dating With Dignity, I've been working privately with IPEC coaches to help them create the same kind of coaching success that I've created. They paid me well -- as of Fall 2012 my rate is now $750/session for dating coaching and $1000/session for business coaching -- to show them exactly how I've gone from $20k/Year (Teacher's Salary) to over $50k+/Month (Coaching Revenue) in less than 4 years... again, with absolutely NO business background.

A little confession about myself... I like having a life. I have three daughters who are always in need of my attention. I like being a mother -- A LOT.

So when I don't know something about upleveling my coaching practice -- whether it's accounting or branding or marketing or salesmanship or whatever -- I really don't want to sit there for weeks combing the Internet for freebie email-bait articles and free teleclasses from pseudo-experts who don't understand the coaching industry. Call it efficient or call it lazy or we can call it knowing that our time here on earth is more valuable than our dollar, because rather than spend all my time researching for answers and strategies I typically hire a consultant from my network of "top guns" and pay them "top gun dollar".

I'm not shy about admitting that I do not mind investing in wisdom. In fact, I've spent well over $100,000 in business training and consulting since 2009. But any astute businesswoman would be quick to point out: It's the leverage and value and returns that matter, not the initial expense. I'm proud to report that my $60k in business investment reaped a six-figure coaching income within one year. And I continue to invest heavily in my own education/training.

Mistakes are expensive. Going down the wrong path is expensive. Not knowing what you don't know is the most expensive of them all.

I've gathered this (expensive) wisdom and created my practice my way, on my terms. And that is exactly what I care about helping you do with this program, Confident Coach Blueprint. So that you too can turn your heart-felt love for helping people into a prosperous business.

The blueprint I now hold is very valuable to me. And today I'm going to let you and an intimate group of coaches in on it.

In the Confident Coach Blueprint program, which is already famous for creating tangible results and bonafide coaching stars, you'll be able to:

  • Learn from mentors who have “been there, done that” (we know exactly what to do!)
  • Forget trial and error!
  • Design YOUR model based on YOUR needs (screw the cookie-cutter model!)
  • Get a Master Coach’s All-Inclusive Education -- no need to hire a web consultant, branding consultant, sales coach, marketing guru... you're getting all of that here. (Really!)
  • Fast-track your success, get clients quickly and make an impact now.
  • Learn my secrets for leveraging the right coaching industry practices to maximize your success and minimize your stress.
  • Get an abundance of support and generosity, exactly when you need it.

This blueprint for creating YOUR thriving, high-income coaching practice is your leveraged access to HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars' worth of expertise PLUS a team of trained, high-end coaches -- who truly understand the unique pitfalls we coaches face -- to hold you accountable. We're going to almost literally hold your hand and help you stay focused as you climb this mountain of expertise.

You and I will be standing atop this mountain celebrating our achievements as you go out and live your dream as a highly-rewarded coach.

Is this right for you?

Depending on the level at which you decide to play, this program lasts from one to four months. This is the perfect amount of time for you to get plenty of attention and plenty of time to form your personalized coaching system. We are going to know each other very well by the end of this course, and I've heard enough rave reviews to know with great certainty that you will experience ridiculously high value from me.

I invite you to read and watch the testimonials from fellow coaches who chose IN to the first three waves of Confident Coach Blueprint. See what kind of results we've helped them achieve.

Then, think about all the questions you ask yourself about building your business... and imagine a team of mentors who can assist you in achieving your own version of success!

Check out the value I've packed into this program... I know you'll be blown away by the investment (especially when compared to what I invested in mentors & consultants & trainers!).

Looking forward to working with you, coach. :)

Marni Battista

PS... there is a limited-time, Early Bird pricing payment plan opportunity involved here. Do your research, think about this opportunity, but don't get in your own way and miss out on that special pricing plan!

PSS... many of our first, second and third wave of "CCBers" were still in IPEC certification process while going through this coaching program. They are now launching into the "real world" of coaching practice entrepreneurship with a total gameplan and formula for sucess. As I always say: We build the plane as you fly it. :)

~ Recent Confident Coach Blueprint Graduates Are Saying... ~

In six months [of working with Marni], I have successfully tripled my rates...
Karen Burke :: Mobius Coaching

I have been a participant of the Confident Coach Blueprint for the last three months and taken my six figure practice to the next level in many ways, starting with moving from three niches to one power niche, a clear marketing package that includes the clarity of benefits, client transitions and deliverables for my Avatar of executive clients who are Female Leaders in Engineering and Science, and a clear journey that my client will take as we move forward with the Mobius Business Coaching six-step process. I am well on my way to growing my practice in a very big way. In fact my rates have more than tripled since beginning my work with Marni Batista, my clarity and vision have skyrocketed and I am feeling a fabulous sense of ease and certainty – whoo hoo! There are many ways to ensure you are business savvy as you grow your coaching practice and I encourage you to seek out diverse support along your journey to your ideal business. The Confident Coach Blueprint is a program I would recommend to you, as one of those unique support tools to bring prosperity and certainty to your goal of bringing your unique coaching offering to market."
-- Karen Burke, Mech Eng, MBA, PCC
Founder of www.MobiusBusinessCoaching.com

I cannot express what an opportunity Marni is giving...
Jodie Rodenbaugh :: Widow Finds Love Again

When I think of what CCB has done for me it brings to mind that you are either on your way or in your way. When I signed up for this course I was scared to pieces at the work I knew I was going to accomplish. I knew Marni would come through with her list of promises and I knew that meant putting these things into action, which would take me out from under my covers and into my purpose; I was in my way.

Seeing these benefits she was offering, I felt like a toddler whose mother was enticing her with that special toy she had been wanting in exchange for her “blankie” and although really wanting the toy didn’t want to give up the comfort she had with her blanket.

I’m proud to report I folded up my blanket, put it away, and got to work! Every now and then, I’ll look at the “blankie” and long for it but Marni and the CCB group is there to hold my hand, pull me away from that zone, and into action. I cannot express what an opportunity Marni is giving. She is beyond generous to share her process, her secrets, and even her peeps with us. I'm so grateful for this valuable process!"
-- Jodie Rodenbaugh
Founder of Sexy Soul Makeover

We booked $45K+ of new business -- in two weeks! ...Amazing opportunity to really get your coaching business kickstarted.
Deb Lehr-Lee :: Your College Gameplan

Coaching Peeps. I’ll keep this short and sweet. Do you want the secrets to making a good living at coaching? Do you want: a step by step system for building your business, scripts for overcoming all your potential clients objections, forums to get real time feedback on your signature systems, formulas for your presentations, teleclasses and signature systems strategies for packages, pricing, social media, affiliates and (drum roll please) access and support from the amazing Marni Battista, who will help you break through your barriers??

As a group in two weeks, we book 40K of new business...two weeks. For many of us it was our first real paying customers. This is an amazing opportunity to really get your coaching business kickstarted. Marni is a real coach who has a real coaching business aside from mentoring coaches. Dating With Dignity is flourishing and Marni is completely transparent on how she has developed her business. Her advice is truly priceless.

If you were opening a store, you would expect to invest to get your doors open. You’d get creative in financing options. Your coaching business is no different. This is a life changing experience…the best decision of my coaching career. I hope you take the plunge. You will more than recoup your investment…I did. Go for it!"
-- Deb Lehr-Lee
Founder of YourCollegeGameplan.com

~ Who This Course Is For ~

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to know exactly what to do, and how to do it from someone who had no business background and created a $750,000+ dollar coaching business in less than four years
  • You are tired of feeling fuzzy about your niche and you want to finally nail it down so that prospective clients light up when you say what you do and for whom you do it!
  • You have a coaching practice but are still not making all the money you want today from your business
  • You want to make sure all your ducks are in a row as professionally as possible before putting it all out there on the line
  • You want to learn how to become a GLOBAL coach by using the latest online marketing strategies as well as “typical” business building strategies such as leading groups and local workshops
  • You want to work closely with the TOP team of experts and mentors who are dedicated to helping successful coaches in the marketplace (you'll have access to my hot rolodex of sales training professionals, web experts, and others who want to work with certified coaches in a BIG way)
  • You want access to surprise guest speakers who have used these methods to make traction in both large and small ways to create success
  • You don’t want to guess at the “do’s and don’ts” of how to create a business that thrives (believe me, if I would have known what I know now from the mistakes I made, I would have saved a lot of money, tears, frustration and let go off a lot of catabolic juju more quickly)
  • You want to take advantage of the hundreds of thousands (literally) of dollars I have spent working with the top coaches in marketing, branding, sales, creating workshops that sell, internet marketing and more by getting it all distilled down for you in an easy to digest fashion, one step at a time (If you want to end overwhelm, this is the place to be)
  • You are currently working on your coaching certification and you want to spring right out of the gates with paying clients who want you and refer you because you are absolutely clear about your niche, your "secret sauce", your sales strategy and coaching program prices

~ Weekly Module Topics & Material We'll Cover ~

Module One: Niche Know-how

  • How to identify your niche (or fine-tune it; it’s a process successful coaches do every 6-12 months) using a proven effective “ah-ha” system that will shave months off this grueling process.
  • Learn a step-by-step method to create your "Secret Sauce" statement which will magnetize clients effortlessly leaving the old "elevator pitch" back in the dark-ages of coaching where it belongs.
  • Craft a deep understanding of what makes your ideal client tick so that you don't have to re-invent your marketing messages every time you want to enroll prospects into a program, write sales copy, name a course, or pitch your services to decision makers. (If you don't do this correctly, you will literally miss the target every time you "shoot" an arrow!)
  • Finally resolve the niche question once and for all, and for the last time, so you can free up your mind and time to focus on perfecting your coaching skills and building a robust practice.
  • Learn how to determine if your "Secret Sauce" niche statement is a jaw-dropper that makes clients know who to refer you to instantly (or if they need to hire you themselves).

Confident Coach Blueprint Starter Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

Module Two: Defining Your Business Model

  • Identify who you want to be a business owner, quantify what skills and resources will take to be the CEO necessary to run YOUR ideal business, write your company mission statement, and create YOUR job description so that you get clarity on how to spend your time and resources wisely.
  • Define what kind of business you want to create to stop comparing yourself to other coaches in the marketplace. Do you want a "practice" vs. global/info products vs. hybrid?
  • Who do you want to be as a biz owner? As a coach?
  • What does it take to get to six figures, really? (You will have to stretch, believe me!)
  • Get a crystal clear understanding of your brand that will enable you to create logos, your website, brochures and fliers that attract your exact ideal clients.
  • Walk away with a "Brand Brief" you can submit to a graphic designer, coach or consultant that will ensure your vendors "get you" instantly. (This document alone will save you hours and hours of time and bucket-loads of cash.)
  • Get a tagline and name your business.

Confident Coach Blueprint Starter Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

Module Three: Design Your "Signature System" Coaching Package

  • Understand what a Signature System really is, and why you need it to make EVERYTHING you write, teach, create and sell consistent, professional, and EASY to duplicate so you can maximize your marketing and leverage your time.
  • Work through a step by step process to create your Signature System so that you can use it to leverage your business throughtout it's lifetime.
  • Ensure that your Signature System isn't a "cookie cutter" version so that clients and prospects understand why YOU are the coach to help them achieve their desired transformation and make them want to work with YOU rather than the competition.
  • Create a powerful Signature System correctly so that it serves as the foundational piece of ALL your content saving you time and ensuring that you feel confident every time you talk about what you.
  • Learn how to “sex" up your System to make it intriguing and in alignment with your brand so that clients get what you do for their long-term success.

Confident Coach Blueprint Starter Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

Module Four: Get Clients Quickly

  • Sign up new Clients Without Being Salesy
  • Learn revolutionary Skills AND a adopt New Mindset (trust me, you haven’t heard these before, they are unique to how I do it!)
  • How to use workshops, preview calls, small event soirees and events to bring people into your world.
  • Tried and true sales techniques (the templates and scripts I have will knock your socks off) that are NOT gross and will cause you to stretch, grow and put dollars in your pocket at the same time.
  • How to create offers that inspire your prospects to buy because they want to work with YOU!

Confident Coach Blueprint Starter Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

Module Five: Creating Visibility Part ONE: Offline Visibility Through Speaking, Networking and Social Media

  • Non-techies will breathe a sigh of relief as we show you which social networking platforms are a waste of your time and which ones you must be on to find clients.
  • Learn our paint-by-numbers formula to create your workshop talk or a tele-class (preview call) using our signature “Talk-Creation Tool Kit” that will save you HOURS of time and put dollars in your pocket.
  • Learn how to incorporate the Signature System you create in Module THREE into the training materials, techniques and resources you have learned and invested in during previous training programs to create powerful coaching sessions, teleclasses, retreats, and seminars that sound like YOU. (You don't want to sound like a cookie-cutter version of everyone else who took the same training!)
  • Get a behind-the-scenes tour of how the Confident Coach manages the neverending task of social media presence while still having a life!
  • Walk away with an outline you can use to create your workshop, talks and teleclasses that make it easy to create content in under 120 minutes!
  • Have access to the magic formula for writing Facebook and Twitter posts that create brand awareness, engagement and sales.
  • Have the template to create your 90 day social media marketing plan, including our answer to the "I don't know what to say" dilemma using the work you create in modules 1 and 3.

Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

Module Six: Creating Visibility Part TWO: Understanding the Building Blocks of Creating Your Online Empire: What You Need, Who To Hire, and What to Expect

  • Now that you know your business model, get the real deal truth on what it takes to build an internet strategy that supports your vision. Taught by my “web guy,” Jason Miller of Peaceful Media, you will get Jason's Online Marketing checklist showing you what you need at each stage of your business development, based on your personal goals and resources.
  • Receive a walk-thru of various email marketing and shopping cart softwares (so you don't set your online system up on the wrong platform!).
  • Get Jason's “online toolkit,” a go-to resource for all of the plugins, widgets, freebies, and content management systems that make websites cheaper and easier.
  • Get access to our “20 best questions to ask when interviewing to hire a web designer” Guide.
  • Learn the #1 tool you MUST have on your website if you want to build an empire (or even just a six-figure-plus business), convert radio and speaking gigs into paying customers, and get known as an industry expert in your niche.
  • Receive the step-by-step 17-point Action Guide to building your online empire (this is by far the most popular because it removes all of the distractions in the way of building your website and online presence -- get crystal clear quickly!)

Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

Module Seven: Creating the Confident Coach Lifestyle: Understand Our Step-by-Step Three-Tiered Plan to Catapult Your Coaching Career And Create Consistent Cashflow

  • By now you have your business blueprint! I'll show you my secret formula for prioritizing my year, my month, my week and my day -- so that you can hit the ground running fast!
  • You will get my top secret mind-trick to living the confident coach lifestyle! Get a checklist of our 13 “MUSTS” that will start to create income for you in the next 180 days.
  • Learn which THREE skills you must take to mastery level in order to move from either zero clients to building a sustainable coaching practice, or transition your existing practice onto the fast-paced empire building track.
  • I'll bring in the content you wanted but didn’t get in the first 6 weeks to ensure this course delivers what you WANT without a doubt!
  • Finally, dive deeply into my “7 Steps to Uplevel Your Business” Formula so that you can stop worrying, enjoy life, make the money you dream of making and live the confident coach lifestyle of abundance, generosity, service, authenticity, and joy.

Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

Bonus Training Calls From Marni's Personal Go-To Experts

  • Legal & Business Structure Should you incorporate? What's important to include on a coaching contract or agreement? How can coaches protect themselves legally? My business attorney is going to spell everything out in layman's terms.
  • How To Get Published Most coaches have a book or several books that are begging to get out of their minds and out into the marketplace. My literary agent and publishing guru will teach you the step-by-step strategies to getting published and distributed.
  • Referral & Affiliate Marketing Can't afford an in-house sales team? What if your friends, customers and industry colleagues could get paid a commission only when they sent a customer your way? Better yet, what if it were totally automated so that your marketing system tracked everything and just told you how much to pay out to each referrer? This kind of leverage is totally possible -- welcome to affiliate marketing!
  • How To Write & Create Killer Content Struggling to figure out what to put on your website? Want a new and improved approach to creating your group coaching courses or digital products? I can't wait to introduce you to the curriculum-creation expert I use at Dating With Dignity!
  • How To Build Your Team With Pro Virtual Assistants You know there's a lot to do in your business building day -- bookkeeping, email marketing, scheduling, client correspondence, billing, web maintenance, blogging (not mention coaching!) -- but where do you find the time and energy to do it all? (Hint: you don't!) Learn how to find the perfect Virtual Assistant (VA) for your business with my go-to resource for quality, affordable support staff.
  • And More Surprise Guest Experts!

Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

~ What You Get In The Blueprint ~

This Intensive Group Coaching Program includes practical “how-to” hand-holding, templates, scripts, tips AND juicy content that can take your business from zero to hero, free from making HUGE mistakes.

Meeting You Where YOU Are At With 3 Different Levels At Which You Can Play!

  • Confident Coach Blueprint StarterDesigned for coaches who need help with the basics of the coaching profession (niche, business model, signature system and enrolling clients) – Includes First 4 Modules & Coaching Calls
  • Confident Coach Blueprint StandardDesigned for coaches who want Marni's whole blueprint for success (including everything in "Starter" PLUS web marketing, social media, email list building, speaking, teleclasses & workshops, coaching package design and more), plus more time with Marni and staff to hone your business strategies – Includes All 7 Modules & Coaching Calls
  • Confident Coach Blueprint VIP AcceleratorDesigned for the most ambitious coaches who want Marni's whole blueprint for success at a faster pace + extreme "hands on" attention from Marni and her hand-picked mentors – Includes 7 Modules & Coaching Calls + Intense, Personalized Attention & Consulting from Marni!
Confident Coach Blueprint - 3 Tiers

Weekly, 60-Minute Teaching Calls

  • The world is swarming with newly certified coaches – let us show you how to stand out and find clients!
  • I will walk you through the system I used to build my non-business coaching business in a step-by-step fashion.
  • If you think you can’t make money life-coaching then you can’t afford to miss these classes.
  • NEW & IMPROVED: Not ready for website, social media, speaking/workshops & email marketing strategies? No worries, Starter Package clients receive the first four training modules -- the most fundamental "Must-Have" coaching modules -- and stop there unless they choose to upgrade.

Confident Coach Blueprint Starter First 4 Modules, Value: $1,520

Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP AcceleratorAll 7 Modules, Value: $3,420

Marni Battista

Weekly, 60-Minute LIVE Coaching Calls

  • Bring your personal questions to the group table for personalized coaching with me & my team of experts.
  • This won’t be an experience where you are just an invisible student -- it’s my intention to know each of you and where are you are in your business so that I can coach you at a high level of service during these calls.
  • We have never had a problem getting everyone's questions answered -- ask away as if it were your private session with my team and me!
  • My private coaching rate for business clients is $1,000 per hour... these 1-hour coaching calls are chock full of value!
  • NEW & IMPROVED: Starter Package clients receive the first four coaching calls and stop there unless they choose to upgrade.

Confident Coach Blueprint Starter First 4 Coaching Calls, Value: $2,340

Confident Coach Blueprint Standard Confident Coach Blueprint VIP AcceleratorAll 7 Coaching Calls, Value: $5,265

Marni Battista

Personal, 1-On-1 Coaching Session To Help You Clear YOUR Specific Roadblocks!

  • Confident Coach Blueprint Starter One 30-Minute Private Coaching Session with a Confident Coach Associate Trainer, Jodi Flynn or Kim Pisolkar
  • Confident Coach Blueprint Standard 50-Minute Private Coaching Session with a Confident Coach Associate Trainer, Jodi Flynn or Kim Pisolkar
  • Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator 75-Minute Private Coaching Session with a Confident Coach Associate Trainer, Jodi Flynn or Kim Pisolkar

Private Session Value: $175 - $400

Confident Coach Blueprint - Kim & Jodi

Private Course Portal and Recordings Of Each Coaching & Training Call

  • Can't make a class? No problem, our students love the private course portal where you can easily download audio mp3 recordings to put on your ipod or phone.
  • Keep the training on your personal audio training library so that you can revisit concepts over and over again.

Value: $497

Marni Battista

Homework Review & Feedback In The Private Course Portal

  • Starter & Standard: As you upload your course homework and materials into the online course portal, you will receive laser-focused advice and feedback from our Associate Trainers, Kim Pisolkar and Jodi Flynn.
  • VIP Accelerator: you'll get exclusive access to coaching and feedback from Marni Battista and website/branding expert, Jason Miller, as well!

Confident Coach Blueprint Starter Confident Coach Blueprint StandardAssociate Trainers' Homework Consultation Value: $750

Confident Coach Blueprint VIP AcceleratorMarni & Jason's Homework Consultation Value: $1,650

Marni Battista Confident Coach Blueprint Business Coaching

A Private and ACTIVE Facebook Group Forum

  • Network, get support, and be part of a community of coaches who are SERIOUS about creating a business.
  • It’s time to leave the dreamers and uplevel to the “get into action” crowd which will seriously impact the quality of work you do.
  • As a result of this group attitude and built-in accountability, you'll notice the pace at which you complete each phase and get clients speeds up very quickly.
  • Weekly challenges issued through the private forum make sure you stay on track, inspired, focused and challenged. (It’s what I’m known for and you can be sure that nobody slacks in my crew!)

Value of Networking With Your High-End Community & Me: Priceless (I'm Serious)

Marni Battista

And For The VIP Accelerators Only...

VIP Accelerators' Upgraded Access To Marni!

  • VIP Accelerator is your exclusive opportunity to get deep, intimate consulting and access to Marni. Based on evidence of earlier waves of Blueprint, the VIP group is almost guaranteed to move past any personal obstacles or sticking points at a much faster pace than the rest of the students.
  • One 30-minute Private Consultation Session with Jason Miller to discuss your best strategies for building a powerful online presence and website. (A $200+ value)
  • One 30-Minute Private Laser Coaching Session, 1-on-1 with Marni. (A $500+ value)
  • 5 VIP-only 60-Minute Group Laser Coaching Sessions with Marni. (A $2,500+ value)
  • Simply: more access to Marni = more access to success

Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator Accessible

Marni Battista

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I'm still in the process of earning my coach certification?

A: Perfect! As many people know, I started investing in my business the minute I sent my check in to IPEC to become a certified coach. I was light years ahead of the game by the time I graduated, and I'd already started making some money to pay back my certification investment. You can, too!

Q: I have a full-time job and I'm not sure how much time I can put into the program. Is this ok?

A: Yes, we have many graduates who just took it at their own pace by listening to the recordings on their way to work or during gym time. If you can find a way to make it to the coaching calls, I highly recommend giving those priority because that's where you get direct feedback from me and my team of expert trainers on any topic you need support and advice around.

Q: Is this program endorsed by IPEC?

A: Currently we are not official partners with IPEC, although we've had many brainstorming sessions with CEO Luke Iorio to discuss the possibility down the road. That said, we have raving fans in the IPEC ranks who recommend us wholeheartedly!

Q: What makes this program different than other coach training programs?

A: Excellence. Seriously, our coaches are rockin' the boat and making waves with their Confident Coach Blueprints. We attract the cream of the crop, coaches who are willing to work hard for what they want in life. All they've needed is the proper training from someone who is "in the field" with her coaching business (Dating With Dignity) working with the same blueprint that I teach in this program so that you get only the education that WORKS for us coaches. I've made a lot of waves because of my quick rise in coaching income, but there are countless CCB grads whose first praise is that "I give a damn" about my students. Remember, I am a trained educator -- I take great care and pride in seeing that everyone in this program meets their own expectation of excellence. And it shows!

Q: I'm not very ambitious about my business. Is this program right for me?

A: Honestly? If you don't care all that much about being successful, I'd prefer not to take your money. The Confident Coach Blueprint mostly attracts coaches who see themselves really stepping up in the world and challenging themselves to get out there and get seen by bigger audiences than "my neighbor" and "my postman". I believe that the whole group is better when everyone is interested in growing something special and truly rewarding in their coaching careers.

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Q: Can I work with you privately instead, Marni?

A: Yes! You can email my assistant, Bradi, at support@confidentcoachblueprint.com to schedule a quick consultation. My private business coaching packages start at $10k for 10 50-minute sessions. And yes, I teach the same material in this program for a fraction of the price, so VIP Accelerator might be an excellent choice for you if you're looking for more consulting time with me!

Q: How much time will I really get with you and your associate trainers during the weekly group coaching calls?

A: We've never had any issues getting everybody's questions answered. If you can't make a live call, just email me your questions or post them to our private Facebook group so we can all address it. Either way, every question -- even the most basic questions -- get answers in this program!

Q: I've heard that you teach a lot of "high-level" strategy in this course. Will I come away with things actually in place?

A: :) Yes, there's a great quote that says: "The person who knows 'how' will always have a job. The person who knows 'why' will always be his boss." See, we are staunch supporters of our students learning how to become CEOs of their businesses around here. And what's great about this "activated, wise self-leader" philosophy is that the men and women who graduate CCB are walking away with clients, signature system coaching packages, rewarding rates and opportunities they never even knew existed. As they say, "you don't know what you don't know" -- this is the program that helps you get in the know AND in action. Stop spinning your wheels -- just follow the blueprint that works!

Q: Sounds like a cutting edge program, Marni... how can I know if I'm really ready to jump into the deep end of the pool with you?

A: I totally get it! This is a matter of trust. But I like to do my homework and really ask around before investing in a trainer. I'd recommend that you do the same here. Please do read every testimonial on this page. Call up or email any of the graduates here and ask them if they would invest in this again. I have faith that the review will be glowing, but I can't instill that in you -- you have to seek it!

Q: Why is your program more expensive (per module) than other coach training programs out there?

A: Have you ever driven a super nice, luxury car? Pretty amazing ride, isn't it? The ol' adage is very, very true here: you get what you pay for.

Q: I've heard amazing things about this program all around IPEC and I totally want in... but I'm a little strapped for cash right now. What are my options?

A: For a limited time, we offer payment plans on each of our CCB packages: Starter, Standard & VIP Accelerator. Also, Early Bird registration offers you a significant price break on normal registration rates. If you see either of those affordable plans in our registration options, my advice to you is to not wait and overthink this too much -- snatch it up quick!

Q: I want to start slow and see if I can handle the program homework before jumping in full out. If I start with "Starter" package, can I upgrade later?

A: Of course! The only negative feedback -- if you want to call it "negative" -- that I've heard from students is that I overdeliver on content. I really lay out my entire business blueprint for you -- and we get to work with you to decide what's right for you in your dream business. So if you're just looking to test things out, I highly recommend Starter because you'll get 4 very important modules that every coach must have in order to be successful. If you're feeling good about where you're at after those 4 modules, you'll have a window of opportunity to upgrade and get Standard or VIP Accelerator access. The only caveat is that you'll need to decide quickly so that you don't miss any of the additional bonus calls, training calls and upgraded coaching calls that come with the two upgraded packages.

Join The Hundreds Of Committed Coaches Who Said
"YES, I'm Ready To Really Launch My Coaching Business" Now!

We Begin Creating Your Coaching
Business Blueprint January 14th, 2014...
Will You Join This Powerful
Circle Of Committed Coaches?


Confident Coach Blueprint Starter $5,282

Confident Coach Blueprint Standard $11,457

Confident Coach Blueprint VIP Accelerator $15,682

...and that's BEFORE these Fast Action Bonuses!!

Register Now And You'll
Receive These High-Value Bonuses At NO COST TO YOU...

  • BONUS IS SOLD OUT! First 20 Registrants Only... BONUS MP3: "Before The Big Call" Energy Shifter Coaching Audio: A 10-minute recording of me giving you the "championing" you need that can be listened to before your sales call or workshop!
  • BONUS IS SOLD OUT!First 15 Registrants Only... "The Effortless Yes!" BONUS BOOK: "The Effortless Yes: Get The Sales You Want & Make All You'll Ever Need" authored by MY incredible sales coach, Julie Steelman
  • BONUS IS SOLD OUT! First 15 Registrants Only... MAGIC TELECLASS TOOLKIT: My Powerpoints and Script Templates Will Make Your Next (Or First) Teleclass Way More Effective & Easy!
  • BONUS SOLD OUT! First 10 Registrants Only... VIRTUAL WORKSHOP DAY WITH MARNI 3-HOUR VIRTUAL WORKSHOP DAY WITH MARNI DIGITAL KIT -- Walk away with a detailed outline of your entire 60-75 minute workshop or teleclass as I guide you step-by-step through my proven "paint by numbers" system. If you follow it, your content will be complete, including a detailed plan to make an offer at the end. Walk away with the exact script to sell from an ELI or a discovery session including several role plays you can use now as scripts. MP3s + Transcriptions provided!
  • BONUS SOLD OUT! First 5 Registrants Only BONUS COURSE: "ELI Sales Guru" Marni Battista's HIT coaching program teaches IPEC coaches how her ELI formula translates debriefs into high-end coaching packages with a 70%+ conversion rate! The course is valued at $397 and you get it included!



Register now for Confident Coach Blueprint and you'll get a BONUS TICKET* to our upcoming LIVE TRAINING EVENT in Los Angeles, CA!

6-Figure Formula

Welcome Coach! As a CCB graduate, you'll get a ticket* to the Confident Coach 6-Figure Formula LIVE training event designed specifically to show coaches how to translate their desires to make a difference into a massively lucrative and rewarding career.

* Normally a $997 ticket. You'll only be responsible for a $97 course materials fee.

That's Over $2,000 Worth Of Bonuses Available To You On TOP of the $5-15k Of Value Built Into This Program. It's Time To Take Your Business Seriously. Go With Your Gut & Act Now.

Start Your 2014 Right!

You will receive your pre-course homework within 48 hours of registration
so that you can get an early start on the course materials!

Confident Coach Blueprint :: Starter

YES! I'm ready to create my blueprint, Marni!

As a Starter member, I get:

  • First 4 Weekly, 60min Teaching Calls (Value $1,520)
  • First 4 Weekly, 60min Coaching Calls (Value $2,340)
  • One 30-Minute Private Coaching Session with a Confident Coach Associate Trainer (Value $175)
  • Private Course Portal and Recordings Of Each Coaching & Training Call (Value $497)
  • Homework Review & Feedback In The Private Course Portal by Associate Trainers (Value $750)
  • A Private and ACTIVE Facebook Group Forum (Priceless)

Starter Investment:
Total Value: $5,282

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YES! I'm ready to create my blueprint, Marni!

As a Standard member, I get:

  • All 7 Weekly, 60min Teaching Calls (Value $3,420)
  • All 7 Weekly, 60min Coaching Calls (Value $5,265)
  • One 50-Minute Private Coaching Session with a Confident Coach Associate Trainer (Value $275)
  • Private Course Portal and Recordings Of Each Coaching & Training Call (Value $497)
  • Homework Review & Feedback In The Private Course Portal by Associate Trainers (Value $750)
  • A Private and ACTIVE Facebook Group Forum (Priceless)
  • Bonus Training Calls From Marni's Personal Go-To Experts (Value $1,250)

Standard Investment:
Total Value: $11,457

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Confident Coach Blueprint :: VIP Accelerator

YES! I'm ready to create my blueprint, Marni!

As a VIP Accelerator member, I get:

  • All 7 Weekly, 60min Teaching Calls (Value $3,420)
  • All 7 Weekly, 60min Coaching Calls (Value $5,265)
  • One 75-Minute Private Coaching Session with a Confident Coach Associate Trainer (Value $400)
  • Private Course Portal and Recordings Of Each Coaching & Training Call (Value $497)
  • Homework Review & Feedback In The Private Course Portal by Marni Battista (Value $1,650)
  • A Private and ACTIVE Facebook Group Forum (Priceless)
  • Bonus Training Calls From Marni's Personal Go-To Experts (Value $1250)
  • One 30-minute Private Consultation Session with Jason Miller, Marni's Web Consultant (Value $200+)
  • One 30-Minute Private Laser Coaching Session, 1-on-1 with Marni (Value $500+)
  • 5 VIP-only 60-Minute Group Laser Coaching Sessions with Marni (Value $2,500+)

VIP Accelerator Investment:
Total Value: $15,682

Early Bird Registration!

Regular Price $3,999
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* Payments autobilled through our secure cart on 21-day cycles

[Marni] went above and beyond in every way. She truly cares about her coaches and really gets how confusing it can be to choose a brand and a niche.
Shereen Faltas

I started CCB feeling comfortable with the investment and knowing that I would get my money's worth out of the program. What I didn't know was that the value provided would blow me out of the water completely. I had NO idea how much Marni would deliver. She went above and beyond in every way. She truly cares about her coaches and really gets how confusing it can be to choose a brand and a niche. She coached me on our first call, and the clarity I got around my brand and niche from that one call set me on fire for the rest of the program. I would literally pay triple the cost for the value Marni delivered.

My experience in CCB has 100% changed my life. When I started the program, I had been doing coaching for about three years without a clear brand, niche, or vision. I was just doing it on the side, wishing I could one day do it full time and fulfill my dream: I just didn't know how. When I finished CCB, I had a fully re-branded company that I was proud of, a new website, a fresh image, a clear message, a defined niche, and I was much more confident about spreading my message. This makes a WORLD of difference for me now when I market my business. Before I felt uncertain about what I was doing in coaching, and now I feel like a bad ass coach."
-- Shereen Faltas, Founder of Fulfillment & Freedom

My Personal Guarantee To You

I am absolutely certain that you will receive incredible value.

Why? Because every single person who has worked with me privately for business coaching has paid at least 3x more than this and still reports to me that they are completely blown away by their results!

So here's what I can and cannot guarantee. I can guarantee that this is by far the most comprehensive and valuable business training that I've ever witnessed for certified and soon-to-be-certified professional coaches (and I hear this all the time from our CCB students as well). I cannot, however, guarantee your success because not everyone is willing to commit as much energy as is required to successfully launch a business. If you are lazy, unmotivated and unwilling to stretch into a courageous entrepreneur, then I can pretty much guarantee that there is a better place to invest your money. Taking a course does not a millionaire make, so I can't guarantee you're going to be a seven figure coach tomorrow. But I can 100% guarantee that you will get $100k+ worth of business advice (the same advice I've used to create my seven-figure business) for pennies on the dollar. I can also guarantee that I will give you my all over this course and reveal every strategy, priority system, technique and mindset that has helped make my coaching practice a seemingly overnight success.

One last note... the people who get the most out of my course are willing to put themselves out there and work on the material during the course. Imagine yourself working very hard over the four months of the course, and coming out on the other side with an entire blueprint for your successful coaching business. This framework works -- you just need to work it!

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What Confident Coach Blueprint Grads Are Saying...

Went from lost to laser-focused with my brand
Lisa Kaplin :: Smart Women, Inspired Lives

IPEC Coaching Grads, have you identified your Avatar? Come up with your Secret Sauce? Learned how to market on Facebook? Identified your brand so precisely that anyone who meets you will know what you do? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you NEED to sign up for Marni Battista's "Business School" for coaches.

I've been taking Marni's business classes, and I have gone from being completely overwhelmed and lost to laser focused with my brand: four new clients within a couple of weeks, two talk radio show gigs, a blog that went viral, an amazing web site with a free opt-in that will speak directly to the clients that I want to attract, etc. Marni's energy, enthusiasm and business knowledge will help you graduate from IPEC and into a 6-figure practice within no time!"
-- Lisa Kaplin, CPC

I am WAY more confident, and I'm finally having fun with all of this
Tambre Leigh :: Coaching by Tambre

When I narrowed my niche less than a year ago, I got very clear on the services I provide to cancer survivors and caregivers... But I had no plan as to how to take my business out into the world. I had a very small, very part-time coaching business when I started working with Marni. She has a unique gift for helping you create a system you can easily show the benefits of to potential clients and branding it with consistent, unique and powerful language like no one else I've seen in the business.

As a result, I booked seven speaking engagements in the fall of 2011. Every strategy Marni created for me has gotten me the results I wanted -- even when it came to turning "nos" into "yeses"! I am WAY more confident, and I'm finally having fun with all of this."
-- Tambre Leighn, Life Coach for Cancer Survivors

Personalize and Brand your system in a snap...
Jeff Hellenbrand :: Cake Coaching

I hired Marni because I wanted someone who could walk me through the process of personalizing and branding the IPEC coaching system. She delivered! She really helped me make it my own. She offers the one-two knockout punch of being an experienced successful coach and being a talented coach who can quickly break through to the heart of any matter. Thanks, Marni."
-- Jeff Hellenbrand, Cake Coaching

[My work with Marni] adds tremendous value to my practice and is highly appreciated by my clients
Deb Dutilh :: Compatibility Coaching

Marni is a spit-fire of ideas and energy with an abundance of support and generosity. She has an uncanny ability to articulate ideas into rich content as well as messages that sell. After working on a focus group to determine what my clients desired, we created my signature program -- which has become the foundation not only for my private relationship coaching clients, but also for webinars, teleclasses, workshops and speaking engagements. Having that in place adds tremendous value to my practice and is highly appreciated by my clients. Marni's magnificent combo of professionalism, passion and dedication to helping new coaches launch makes working with her fun and motivating. She has become a trusted friend whom I highly recommend."
-- Deb Dutilh, founder of Compatibility Coaching

I have been very impressed with her level of interaction...
Ron Meyer :: Coaching The True You

Working with Marni has been awesome! Her fun-loving yet kick-ass style has helped push me toward my goal of setting up my business. I have been very impressed with her level of interaction on the FB groups because it helps so much getting affirmation, clarification or motivation between calls when doing some of her challenges. I love that I have been able to incorporate the ELDS, ELI and the Law of Being into my signature system and coaching packages. Just like our clients, I too can get in the way of my own success, and Marni is great at taking care of the internal work as well. Had I not stepped up and made the choices to work with Marni, I would be so far behind where I am today. Thanks, Marni!"
-- Ron Meyer, founder of Coaching the True You

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jane Barr :: Kinnexion

I just have to stop and say thank you again to Marni and Jodi and Kim and Jason. I am sooo excited about my work now and I truly believe I wouldn't be here without you.
-- Jane Barr, founder of Kinnexion

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Your Confident Coach Blueprint Leaders

Marni Battista

Marni Battista, MAEd, CPC
Founder of Confident Coach Blueprint

Prior to finding IPEC, Marni was a $20k per year school teacher… now, just 4 years since graduating with her certification, she is a bona-fide million dollar coach riding a wave of success with her niche coaching brand, Dating With Dignity. 

Noticing how many coaches around her were stuck and confused about how to grow their businesses to 6-figures and beyond, she launched the premiere coaching business development community, Confident Coach Blueprint. Today, her clients pay up to $1000/hour to get her laser-focused business training and advice.

Beyond business, Marni is a proud mother of 3 daughters. Her favorite quote is: “Don’t let fear get in the way of your biggest dreams, even if your biggest dream IS your biggest fear.”

Get To Know Your Confident Coach Associate Trainers!

Jodi Flynn

Jodi Flynn, CPC
Founder of Luma Coaching

While completing her iPEC certification, Jodi transitioned from being a corporate executive to being a full-time business owner. Though her business steadily grew, after 18 months of slow and steady growth she decided she needed some rocket fuel. Enter the Confident Coach Blueprint program.

Within this program she gained the insights and the confidence to redesign her offerings and ask for the price of the value that was delivered, and not what she thought people would pay. Her highest priced package went from $3500 to $6500, and she sells it with ease, which has resulted in $20,000 months. Since beginning the Confident Coach Blueprint, her sales have increased by 264% year over year.

Jodi is the owner of Luma Coaching, the President of her Business Networking International (BNI) chapter and a sponsor of Women Standing Together, a community of women dedicated to the advancement of women leaders and entrepreneurs. Her passions are small business, health and fitness and paying it forward.

Kim Pisolkar

Kim Pisolkar
Founder of Small Biz, Big Breakthrough

Kim joined iPEC as a way to bridge the gap back to corporate America but by the time the program ended, she knew coaching was her passion and new career. Even though Kim had a successful career as a human resources executive, was a coach for a personal development company, and a track record of selling $250, 000 a year in personal products, she was stuck on how to sell her coaching services and trapped in the Intellectual Pursuit of Coaching (IPC).

Working with Marni Battista and the CCB Program, Kim gained the clarity and confidence to ditch IPC, own her niche, redefine her packages, double her rates to reflect the value delivered and shift from offering $1500 packages to selling $4500 packages. Armed with this confidence and the know-how to effectively sell the ELI, her sales increased by 400%.

Kim is the owner of Small Biz Big Breakthrough, a board member for the NJ chapter of the ICF, speaker, workshop facilitator, and published author. When Kim isn’t connecting with clients, she’s spending time at home in New Jersey and traveling with her family.

Jason Miller

Jason Miller
Founder of Peaceful Media

Marni Battista's go-to for web design and online marketing, Peaceful Media excels at helping high-end experts, coaches, authors and speakers create prosperous online empires so that their positive messages can get out into the world in a much bigger way.

As a published author and documentary filmmaker behind Project Everlasting, Jason has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, Hallmark Television, Washington Post, Publisher's Weekly, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, ABC, CBS, Oprah Radio, Good Morning America Radio, NBC, Fox & Friends and more.

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Your Upcoming Confident Coach Blueprint
Course Schedule (Starts January 21st, 2014)

Module Training & Coaching Calls

Date Time Topic
Tue Jan 21st, 2014 11:00am - 12:00pm PST Module One // Training Call
Wed Jan 22nd, 2014 11:00am - 12:00pm PST Module One // Coaching Call
Tue Jan 28th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Two // Training Call
Wed Jan 29th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Two // Coaching Call
Tue Feb 4th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Three // Training Call
Wed Feb 5th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Three // Coaching Call
Tue Feb 11th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Four // Training Call
Wed Feb 12th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Four // Coaching Call
Tue Feb 18th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Five // Training Call
Wed Feb 19th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Five // Coaching Call
Tue Feb 25th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Six // Training Call
Wed Feb 26th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Six // Coaching Call
Tue Mar 4th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Seven // Training Call
Thu Mar 5th, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST Module Seven // Coaching Call

VIP Accelerator Calls with Marni

Date Time Topic
Thu Jan 20th, 2014 11:00am - 12:00pm PST VIP Accelator
Wed Feb 5th, 2014 10:30am - 11:30am PST VIP Accelator
Thu Feb 13th, 2014 4:00pm - 5:00pm PST VIP Accelator
Thu Feb 20th, 2014 11:00am - 12:00pm PST VIP Accelator
Tue Feb 25th, 2014 9:00am - 10:00am PST VIP Accelator

Can't make a session? Don't worry, audio recordings are included in this coaching program!

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